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Hi there! I’m a videographer, editor, retoucher, lighting technician, and overall sorceress of bad-assery! 📸🎥🔮


I started my creative journey many moons ago as a photographer but have fallen in love with creating and editing videos.

Being able to tell a story frame by frame that’s unique, engaging and inviting, sets my soul on fire! 

Creating content for artists, musicians, and brands is what gets me up in the morning 🙌....well that and my pup Hank🐶


Maggie Rose
Brooke Eden
Rachel Bradshaw
Caroline Kole
The Foxies
Kate Clark
Brooks Huntley
Laura Ashley

Leigh Taylor Parlour

The Westin

American Cancer Society
Starstruck Entertainment

Powder Room Social

Paul C. Buff, Inc.

Headshot of videographer Kimberly Nail taxen in Nashville by photographer Anthony Romano


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